AQUALYSS is committed to meeting the requirements of its customers, and to provide clean water solutions to its customers throughout Morocco.

At Aqualyss quality is paramount in everything we do. We handle all customer inquiries, regardless of size, to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction, and we strive to continually improve our capabilities and performance to deliver the highest quality products. technologically advanced technologies available in the industry.

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With the rental of a fountain at AQUALYSS you benefit from a monthly fixed rate and independent of the amount of water consumed. Contracts offer a cost-effective rental solution, while improving your water fountain model once your contract is complete. Another valuable benefit is that fixed monthly rates do not waste time worrying about fountain quality and maintenance – everything is included.


A cooling water fountain connected to your running water saves up to 70% on your running costs compared to a bottle fountain. and 90% of what you pay when you buy bottled water. At AQUALYSS, we make sure that your fountain is always in the best possible conditions. In order to preserve the quality of the water, and in accordance with the directives, AQUALYSS disinfects your water fountain regularly, whenever it is necessary and in accordance with the clauses of your contract.